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1- Always post your topics in the correct categories such as: Games in Games, Applications in Applications, Mods in the MODS categories, so as not to shuffle everything or mess up. And if the subject is not specific, use the miscellaneous category to ask your questions, okay? come on;

2- Do not use profanity, as this is a community for everyone and that includes children who also participate in the knowledge with us;

3- It is forbidden to post links from other sites without authorization from moderators and administrators. We usually block these links, but if you try to post unauthorized links here, you will receive a warning or even take a BAN. Yes, Youtube links are allowed, but don't use them as disclosure if you don't already know. BAN!

4- Do not repeat posts, before posting, search the forum to find out if there is already any post that has been answered. If you post a thread that already exists the thread will be deleted and you will be notified

5- Don't mess around on the forum, don't be posting bullshit or even commenting bullshit on users' questions, you can but jokes there are times, serious things are serious things.

These are the rules, enjoy the Forum and welcome!